Ogassapian: Local players incapable of finding solutions

Member of Parliament, Jean Ogassapian, on Friday feared that political discrepancies have been recently expanding at the local scene.

“Local players have become incapable of producing solutions at the presidential and other levels,” the lawmaker told the Voice of Lebanon radio station.

“We still await regional understandings to reach agreement over a president. We are lucky enough that the international decision to protect [Lebanon’s] political and monetary stability remains in effect, even if the sole motive is the international community’s fear of having refugees seek shelter in Europe,” he added.

Moreover, Ogassapian regretted the absence of a Saudi-Iranian agreement looming in the horizon.

“This shall negatively affect the Lebanese scene, especially in light of failing attempts to reach agreement over an electoral law,” he added, deeming a solution possible once “Iran discloses a clear decision” in this regard.


Source: National News Agency


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