Ogassapian: Returning electoral drafts to committees brings more complications

Member of parliament Deputy Jean Ogassapian told “Voice of Lebanon” radio on Tuesday that returning the electoral projects to the parliamentary committees would bring more complications, saying that the committees won’t reach an agreement and the parliament won’t be able to accomplish anything.

“Berri returned seventeen projects to the joint committees,” Ogassapian said , adding “we will drown when the ordinary parliamentary sessions end.”

Commenting on the election of a new president, Ogassapian said” it is not due time yet to elect a new president, because Hizbullah is waiting for a settlement in the region,” indicating that Iran succeeded in connecting the Lebanese situation to the settlements in the region.

“We are in grave danger because the presidential vacuum and the institutions paralyses negatively affect the financial state and the security stability in Lebanon,” Ogassapian concluded.

Source: National News Agency

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