Oman exports to 130 nations

MUSCAT: The Public Authority for Investment Promotion and Export Development (Ithraa) yesterday unveiled the details of its annual plans for 2015. The plan includes a number of events, activities and initiatives aimed at promoting and attracting foreign investments to the Sultanate. During the press conference, Ithraa affirmed its endeavours to explore more export markets for Omani products by conducting more studies on the focus markets by ‘Ithraa’ in the coming period. It will also avail electronic data and information on the Omani economy and corporate sector.

Faris bin Nasser al Farsi, Director-General of Investment Promotion at Ithraa spoke on the major events which will be implemented by the directorate this year.

The events include taking part in the emerging market centre meeting, scheduled to be held in Dubai this month and holding an investment promotion meeting. The plan also includes organising seminars in Iran and Italy under the theme ‘Invest in Oman’. It also includes holding of Omani-Brazilian investment seminar in Sohar, as well as the Oman-India Investment seminar, Oman-Asian investment seminar and the Investment Promotion Plan Seminar in Muscat.

In the field of export development, Talib bin Saif al Makhmari, Director of Export Facilities Department at the Directorate-General for Export Promotion, spoke about the plan of the directorate by organising a meeting with the export development work team, organising ‘Shiyameen’ exhibition for stone and marble, in addition to a number of seminars on promoting business practices.

The events also include organising an explorative visit and an exhibition for the Omani products in Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. They also include launching the exporter club, organising an exhibition for the Omani traditional jewellery in America and export week. Al Makhmari said that “our local products are well known now as are featured with special Omani touch along with high quality, reliability and good price. Some local companies export their goods to 70 global companies which means that they have created a solid platform and good reputation.”

During his presentation, Al Makhmari pointed out that the value of the non-oil Omani exports grew by 7.2 per cent as of the end of October 2014 to hit RO 3.3 billion compared to RO 3.8 billion in 2013. The gross value of exports is expected to increase in 2014. Being exported to 130 countries around the world, Omani products have proved that they are competitive enough to be presented and promoted in the global market.

His Highness Sayyid Faisal bin Turki al Said, Director-General of Marketing and Media, said that the directorate’s plan for 2015 includes launching of Annual Economy Book, organising Ithraa Mobile Exhibition in Sohar and at Muscat International Airport and Nizwa.

“In August, we will have internship programme of which we will expose students to real job environment. This year we will take 40 interested students from 20 establishments to work in real job atmosphere in three countries including India, Singapore and Italy.”

Badriya bint Saud al Abdali, Director of HR Department in Ithraa, reviewed the Directorate General of Administrative and Financial Affairs plan which focuses on four themes namely the investment system in human resources, the quality management system, the training and rehabilitation of cadres and representatives of Ithraa representatives.

Azzan bin Qasim al Busaidi, Director-General of Researches, Studies and Auto services at Ithraa reviewed the directorate plan which includes national competitiveness seminar, organising the meeting for the investment climate development team in Ithraa, launching Ithraa website and improving the infrastructure for the authority’s e-services.


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