Omani students in Jordan to stay ‘alert’

By: Mohammed Al Badi

MUSCAT: The cultural attaché in Jordan has issued an advisory message to Omani students studying in Jordan. The Observer spoke to a source at the attaché over phone on the condition of anonymity as he was not authorised to speak. “No issues have arisen of the sort to interpret the message as ‘serious’,” the source clarified. The source emphasised that the situation is normal and there is no need to panic. “The situation is stable”, he added.

The message which is put on the website of the attaché gives tips pertaining to security and safety of students.

It advises students not to leave campus during late hours unless it is absolutely necessary, avoid going out in nights on abandoned streets and those situated on the outskirts, stay in groups while on mobility as far as possible, stay away from crowded places and not to wear Omani dress outside the campus”. “There is no need to be concerned.

The notification is a regular one and it is issued by all our attachés”, the source added. The attaché tails its message with a clarification that the aforementioned tips come within the framework of its repeated notices on the necessity to stay alert and prudent.

The cultural attaché is “keen to see that the message is followed by all students”. Figures show that around 1,400 Omanis are studying for bachelor, Master and PhD degrees at various Jordanian colleges and universities.

Meanwhile, the source dismissed messages on social media as baseless. The message warned the Gulf citizens in Jordan regarding potential risks for their safety. “We heard about the message as anyone else did. We are not concerned and there is nothing to be paniced for,” the source said.


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