Omani students in Queensland celebrate His Majesty’s return

By: Badriya Mohammed Al Balushi

QUEENSLAND: The Omani Students’ Society in Queensland celebrated the return of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos from Germany at the heart of Brisbane city King George square on March 28. A number of Omani students’ families and children took a part in the celebration at Brisbane city as well. The Omani men and women who participated on this celebration were dressed in national attires.

The celebration started with a speech delivered by the Omani Students’ Society in Queensland.

The Omani students and their families shared their feelings of gladness for this fascinating occasion which they were waiting for patiently for months. The Omani students conveyed their happiness through a procession they had through King George Square point and recited the national songs, poems, and the anthem of Oman on this remarkable occasion.

They held pictures of His Majesty and flags of Oman while walking through King George Square. The Tourists and non-Omanis also took part in the procession. Omanis decorated their houses in Queensland with Omani flags as it is a historical moment to them. Undoubtedly, the Omani students prayed for His Majesty Sultan Qaboos for a speedy recovery and for a long happy life.


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