Online data base of buildings soon

By: Vinod Nair

MUSCAT: The Ministry of Commerce and Industry is in negotiations with Muscat Municipality, whereby the statistics of each new building in the future will be available online. “Once the building is ready, a data base regarding its commercial activities will be readily available, eliminating the need for onsite inspections and visits,” Dr Ali bin Masoud al Sunaidy, Minister of Commerce and Industry, told the Observer yesterday.

This project, if successful, will be also implemented in other governorates in cooperation with the municipalities concerned.

Dr Sunaidy said that within the next six months, the entire interface at the ministry will be totally electronic, especially while interacting with the Ministry of Manpower as all data will be online and avoid the need for personal visits to various departments. “We are also trying to integrate with the services offered by the ROP and Ministry of Manpower for e-visa. We will not require the identity cards as it will be easily accessed from the ROP database.”

The minister said recently a pilot test was conducted by issuing 10 e-licences from individuals’ home in three minutes. “Of Course, there are certain formalities like that you have to change the identity card and also the phone SIM to support the system, that’s the only we can recoganise that the process is genuine.


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