Palestinian meeting in Ain El Helweh over repercussions of latest incidents

A Palestinian meeting took place on Thursday at Al-Nour Mosque hall in the Palestinian camp of Ain El-Helweh to discuss and sustain the cease fire decision in the camp.

The meeting included the common committee stemmed out from the Palestinian Embassy meeting, the political leadership of the Palestinian factions and the Islamic and national forces in Sidon region.

The attendees called upon the UNRWA to open all its institutions as soon as possible. In this context, the attendees phoned the Palestinian Ambassador Ashraf Dabbour and asked him to communicate with UNRWA General Director in Lebanon, Hakam Chahwan, and ask him to resume work in the UNRWA institutions in the camp.

The attendees asked all media outlets to be credible, precise and get their information from official sources.

The political leadership kept its meetings open to follow up on actions to resume regular life in the camp.

Source: National News Agency

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