Pharaon, Hakim discuss high prices at airport, beaches

Tourism minister Michel Pharaon met with resigned Economy minister Alain Hakim with discussions reportedly featuring high on the consumers’ complaints regarding the rise in prices in some facilities, mainly the restaurants and cafes at the and beaches and at Beirut international airport.

Economy and Trade General Director at the Economy and Trade ministry Aliya Abbas attended the meeting.

The attendees agreed to study the possibility of putting in vending machines to provide basic commodities to the consumers especially water and soft drinks.

The minister also welcomed a delegation from the World Lebanese Cultural Union presided by the Union’s Chairman Elias Kassab who stressed during discussions the need to carry on cooperation with the Tourism ministry especially in the project “I, the Expatriate”.

Kassab said,”We asked (the Minister) to revive 2017 youth project in order to encourage young expatriates to visit Lebanon.”

Separately, Pharaon welcomed the MP Kazem El-Kheir.

Source: National News Agency

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