Pharaon: Lebanon plays major role in preserving values

Minister of Tourism, Michel Pharaon, gave a word during an event honoring Charles Malik, stating that Lebanon has a major part to perform in preserving values and giving an example in coexistence.

The event attended by a host of personalities, including MP Ghassan Moukheiber, took place at Sagesse School in Achrafiyeh. Malik was a Lebanese academic, diplomat, and philosopher. He served as the Lebanese representative to the United Nations, the President of the Commission on Human Rights and the United Nations General Assembly. He also held posts in various ministries and is recognized for his role in the drafting and adoption of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

“Charles Malik has a grand significance in the values that we are fighting for today, namely democracy, human rights and civilization,” said the Minister.

“Civilization is a symbol that invaded the world without the need for an army, and part of that civilization is the Lebanese. Some call them the Phoenicians, who gave the world civilization, they are men with a message, just like Malik was,” Pharaon reminded his audience of the words of Pope St. John Paul II who called Lebanon “a message.”

“All values in Iraq and Syria have been tarnished, and Lebanon has a grand role in maintaining values. We must be an example of coexistence and moderation. This is our role for the upcoming years.”

Source: National News Agency

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