Pharaon tells NNA regional dictates behind presidential void, Iran behind disruption

Tourism Minister, Michel Pharaon, said on Tuesday that a flare of regional dictates has led to presidential void in Lebanon, accusing Iran of disrupting internal Lebanese affairs via Hezbollah.

“The security situation is stable despite the existing political schism,” the Minister said in an interview accorded to NNA, lauding the Lebanese army efforts and those of other security apparatuses “thanks to the internal and external political cover protecting said institutions.”

Touching on the impending Municipal elections, Pharaon said that people have been demonstrating an unremitting will to practice their democratic right in municipal elections in Lebanon and all the other regions.

“The Beiruti list represents all the political parties, sects, and civil society members that can work hand-in-hand to implement all the developmental projects that Beirut needs, not to mention that it ensures equity, political cover, and a constitutional atmosphere,” Pharaon added.

As for the security apparatuses issue, the Minister confirmed that the matter is being thrashed out by the Prime Minster “who promised to find administrative and financial solutions pending a solution to the command council, which is hindering enrolment of military men.”

Source: National News Agency

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