Pilgrims face health check at Jeddah Islamic Port (Daily Balochistan Express (Pakistan))

Saudi Health Ministry has intensified its preventive and health care measures for Hajj pilgrims coming through land, sea and air routes to block the entry of infectious diseases into the Kingdom.

The measures include that all the pilgrims coming from abroad are investigated to ensure they are healthy, Arab news reported.

Their vaccination cards are also being checked.

Dr Adil bin Mohammad Turkistan, director of health inspection centre at Jeddah Islamic Port, was quoted as saying that 46,000 people are expected to come through the port for Hajj this year.They include 15,000 pilgrims and 2,000 seasonal workers.

It is expected that around 4,000 people, including pilgrims, passengers, sailors coming through the port and the workers of the port would be getting treatment.

A number of medical teams were working on the plan. He said that as per instructions of the ministry, sailors would not be able to leave the port until they are presented before the doctor for a medical test.

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