From Awareness to Action on Global Fatty Liver Day

Global Liver Institute Unites the Field in Times of Name Changes and New Treatments

WASHINGTON, June 13, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today marks the seventh annual Global Fatty Liver Day (formerly International NASH Day), led by Global Liver Institute (GLI) with the theme “Act Now, Screen Today.” This campaign underscores the crucial need for early identification and treatment of fatty liver disease to prevent its progression to chronic liver disease, cirrhosis, or cancer.

Fatty liver disease is now estimated to affect 1 in 3 adults worldwide, and its prevalence is increasing. Fatty liver disease during childhood, once unheard of, is also on the rise. Early detection and timely intervention, whether through lifestyle changes or medical treatments, are essential in stopping and even reversing the progression of the disease. “Act Now, Screen Today” emphasizes that liver health is achievable, but action must begin immediately. Across the globe, partners are driving awareness and educational efforts and ensuring broader access to essential screenings and care.

Global Fatty Liver Day, observed annually on the second Thursday of June, is a rallying cry for collective action to address the growing prevalence of fatty liver disease, the most common liver disease worldwide. “Act Now, Screen Today” reminds everyone that liver health is within reach. Here are specific actions you can take today:

  • Take advantage of liver health screening events happening globally to get assessed for fatty liver disease or schedule a check-up with your doctor, especially if you are managing closely associated metabolic conditions like obesity or diabetes
  • Increase physical activity, as maintaining an active lifestyle can improve liver health
  • Learn about fatty liver disease and its risk factors to take proactive steps towards prevention and management yourself or learn more about the latest research and guidelines for your patients.

With a robust pipeline of pharmaceutical treatments that address diverse mechanisms of action in progress, it is important to identify individuals’ position within the progression of fatty liver disease so that they are poised to receive the most appropriate care possible. Notably, pharmaceutical treatments are available (for certain groups with advanced disease) in two countries, the United States (resmetirom) and India (saroglitazar).

“As a community, we stand at a critical time for the broader global health system to act now to support patients,” shares Donna R. Cryer, JD, Founder and CEO of GLI. “As pharmaceutical treatment options gain approval in different geographies, health payers and systems must listen to the call from global advocates and not place undue obstacles to care – whether that be required biopsy, ambiguous lifestyle requirements, or other hurdles – so that patients are able to access the care they require, no matter who or where they are.”

Recognizing the importance of early detection, a diverse range of partners, including healthcare providers, patient advocacy groups, and community organizations, have joined forces to “Act Now, Screen Today” and launch screening events around the world. From Chile to Nigeria to the Netherlands, the Philippines, and beyond, these events aim to raise awareness, provide education, and offer screening services to individuals at risk of fatty liver disease or the providers who care for them. Global Fatty Liver Day activities are driving positive change at the grassroots level.

“Global Fatty Liver Day is an urgent call-to-action to unite our global efforts to confront the scourge of fatty liver disease,” shares Cat Evans, Director of Program Operations at GLI. “We must act now. By working together, we have the power to create significant change in preventing and managing this pressing health issue through our collaborative efforts.”

Although the challenge of fatty liver disease to the well-being of communities around the globe is great, the power of locally-rooted, collective efforts can turn the tide towards positive change by heightening awareness, equipping people and their healthcare providers with prevention and management tools, expanding understanding of the disease through research, and protecting future liver health through effective policies.

About Global Liver Institute

Global Liver Institute (GLI) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded in the belief that liver health must take its place on the global public health agenda commensurate with the prevalence and impact of liver illness. GLI promotes innovation, encourages collaboration, and supports the scaling of optimal approaches to help eradicate liver diseases. Operating globally, GLI is committed to solving the problems that matter to liver patients and equipping advocates to improve the lives of individuals and families impacted by liver disease. Follow GLI on FacebookInstagramLinkedIn, and YouTube, or visit GLI is the host of Global Fatty Liver Day.

Christine Maalouf
Global Liver Institute

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Heatwave to persist through first day of Eid

Amman: A significant rise in temperatures is expected on Thursday, with readings soaring 8-9 degrees Celsius above the seasonal average, according to the Jordan Meteorological Department. This spike is attributed to a heatwave caused by an influx of extremely hot and dry air from the Arabian Peninsula.

The weather will be dry and hot over the high mountainous areas, and very hot across the rest of the country. Some clouds will appear at medium altitudes in the eastern regions. Moderate northeasterly winds will pick up in the afternoon and shift to northwesterly by evening.

The Meteorological Department’s report includes several warnings, advising people to avoid direct exposure to sunlight and take measures to prevent dehydration, as there are significant health risks associated with high temperatures, particularly for patients and the elderly. The risk of fires in forested areas is heightened, and leaving children inside closed vehicles, even briefly, is extremely dangerous. Storing perfumes, sanitizers, a
nd flammable materials inside vehicles is also cautioned against.

For Friday, the weather will remain dry and hot over the high mountainous areas and scorching in other regions. Winds will be moderate and northeasterly, becoming active in the afternoon and turning northwesterly by evening.

On Saturday, the heatwave will continue to impact the kingdom, bringing dry and hot conditions to the highlands and plains, and extremely hot weather to other areas. Winds will be moderate and northeasterly, shifting to northwesterly by evening.

Sunday, the first day of Eid al-Adha, will see a slight dip in temperatures, though they will remain 5-7 degrees Celsius above the seasonal average. The weather will be hot in most regions and extremely hot in the Jordan Valley, the Dead Sea, and Aqaba, with moderate northwesterly winds occasionally becoming active.

Today’s temperatures are expected to range as follows: East Amman 40-27 C, West Amman 38-25 C, the northern highlands 35-24 C, the Sharah highlands 34-22 C, the Dead
Sea 45-30 C, and Aqaba 46-31 C.

Source: Jordan News Agency

IEC: Up until July 10th, voters will be able to switch polling locations

Amman: The Independent Election Commission (IEC) announced that until July 10th, it will accept written or electronic petitions to relocate polling and counting locations for voters whose names appear on the preliminary lists.

The Civil Status and Passports Department Offices receive citizens during the official holiday for the remaining three days. The Commission reiterated in a statement released today, Thursday, that those who wish to correct their data on the preliminary voter lists should take advantage of the remaining legal period for this stage, which ends on the sixteenth of this month.

Source: Jordan News Agency

King condoles Kuwait emir over Mangaf fire victims

Amman: His Majesty King Abdullah II has sent a cable to Kuwait Emir Sheikh Meshal Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah, expressing condolences over the victims of the fire that took place in a building in Mangaf, and wishing the injured a speedy recovery.

Source: Jordan News Agency

Mulqi, Chinese Communist Party official talk cooperation

Amman: The Senate’s Committee for Arab, International and Expatriate Affairs, headed by Dr. Hani Mulqi, on Thursday discussed with the Deputy Director General of the International Department of Chinese Communist Party, Yu Wei, and the accompanying delegation, ways to enhance bilateral parliamentary cooperation.

During the meeting, Mulqi praised the “distinguished” level of bilateral relations, which are “historic” and built on mutual respect, adding that their foundations were laid by the two countries’ wise leaderships.

Mulqi also noted the importance of improving Jordanian-Chinese relations, especially raising the volume of trade exchange and enhancing cooperation in the economic, investment, cultural, parliamentary and health fields.

Mulqi stressed the need to support the Palestinian people to achieve their legitimate rights, primarily the right to establish their independent state with East Jerusalem as its capital, as the only way to achieve comprehensive and just peace in the region.

Jordan, he said
, received “large” numbers of refugees on its soil and provided housing, health and education services for them, stressing the need to support the Kingdom to continue assuming this role.

For his part, the Chinese official said his country is looking forward to strengthening relations and partnerships with Jordan, especially in the economic, investment, tourism, cultural and energy fields, and seeking to increase volume of trade exchange.

The official lauded His Majesty King Abdullah II’s positions towards the Palestinian cause and the Israeli war on Gaza, noting the two countries’ “similar” positions on various international issues of common concern.

Source: Jordan News Agency

JAF conducted two more airdrops of aid into southern Gaza

Amman: Jordanian Armed Forces (JAF)-Arab Army on Thursday carried out two additional airdrops of humanitarian and food aid, targeting a number of sites in the southern Gaza Strip.

In a statement, the JAF said the airdrops carried relief and humanitarian aid to support Gaza people due to the ongoing Israeli war on the strip.

An aircraft of the Royal Jordanian Air Force and an Egyptian aircraft participated in the aid operation.

In the future, the JAF affirmed continued efforts to send humanitarian and medical aid via an air bridge from Marka Airport to El-Arish International Airport, or through airdrops into Gaza, or ground aid convoys, to help the Gaza people overcome the difficult conditions.

To date, the JAF conducted a total of 103 airdrops since the beginning of the Israeli aggression on Gaza and 259 joint airdrops in cooperation with Arab and foreign countries.

Source: Jordan News Agency

111 health centers to serve public during Eid al-Adha holiday-Ministry

Amman: The Ministry of Health on Thursday announced a list of 111 on-duty comprehensive health centers during Eid al-Adha holiday in all the Kingdom’s governorates.

On its Facebook account, the ministry posted names of the on-duty medical centers, their locations, and the working hours of each.

Source: Jordan News Agency

Ajloun Cable Car resumes operations next Saturday- JFDZG

Ajloun: Director General of the Jordan Free and Development Zones Group (JFDZG), Yousef Arafat, said Ajloun Cable Car is scheduled to resume operations to receive visitors next Saturday and open its doors to Arab and foreign citizens and tourists.

Arafat noted the competent technical teams are set to finish maintenance work in the cable car system Friday, June 14.

In a statement on Thursday, Arafat called on citizens, residents and tourists to visit this “distinguished” tourist destination and enjoy family atmosphere.

Arafat also announced the site will be open as of next Saturday, throughout Eid Al-Adha holiday from 10:am until 5:30pm in the evening, as part of a “large” group of recreational events and activities scheduled during this period and suit all ages.

Source: Jordan News Agency

Awqaf Ministry: Eid Al Adha prayer at 7:am next Sunday

Amman: The Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs on Thursday announced that Eid Al Adha prayer will be performed at 7:am next Sunday.

On its website, the ministry specified eid prayer locations countrywide and the preachers’ names in all the Kingdom’s governorates.

Source: Jordan News Agency

CBJ maintains interest rates unchanged

Amman: The Open Market Operations Committee of the Central Bank of Jordan (CBJ) on Thursday decided to maintain interest rates on monetary policy tools unchanged at their current level.

During its 4th meeting this year, the committee discussed the economic and monetary developments in the Kingdom, which demonstrated “strength” of the national economy and its ability to continue momentum of “positive” performance.

According to the latest available data, the CBJ’s foreign reserves maintained their “high” levels of $18.8 billion, which is enough to cover the Kingdom’s imports of goods and services for 8.2 months.

Deposits in banks also increased at the end of last April by about JD1.9 billion, marking a growth of 4.5% on an annual basis, to reach JD44.3 billion, the data showed.

Meanwhile, credit facilities granted in Jordanian dinar by banks surged by about JD775 million, recording a growth of 2.7% on an annual basis, bringing the outstanding balance of credit facilities to JD34.1 billion.

Additionally, th
e interest rate margin continued to decline, reaching 2.41%at the end of last April, recording its “lowest” level in more than a quarter of a century, while financial strength indicators at the end of 2023, affirm that the Jordanian banking system enjoys “strength and resilience.”

The latest data affirmed the Kingdom’s success in containing inflationary pressures in the Kingdom and stabilizing it at “acceptable” levels appropriate for economic activity, as the inflation rate reached 1.7% during the first five months of the current year, down from 4.2% in 2022.

The national economy achieved a “real” economic growth rate of 2.6% in 2023, rising by 0.2 percentage points from its level recorded last year.

Preliminary data indicate a “significant” decline in the current account deficit to reach 3.7% of GDP in 2023, compared to 7.8% in 2022, which comes in light of a drop in the deficit in the goods balance by 11% and an increase in the services account surplus by 62.8%, driven by a 27.4% increase in tourism inc
ome in 2023.

During the available period of 2024, data showed an increase in workers’ remittances during the first third of the current year by 4%, reaching $1.1 billion, while tourism income reached $2.6 billion during the first five months of 2024.

The CBJ confirmed that it is “closely” following regional and global economic developments, and the plans of central banks regionally and internationally regarding interest rates, and will continue to study their repercussions on the national economy.

Source: Jordan News Agency

10,631 trade, service establishments registered within 1st 5 months 2024-Data

Amman: 10,631 commercial and service establishments were registered during the first five months of the 2024, marking an increase of 5%, compared to the same period last year, data from the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply showed.

In a statement to “Petra ” on Thursday, the ministry’s spokesperson, Yanal Baramawi, announced 3,841 trade names were registered during the January-May period 2024, recording a 8% increase, against the corresponding period last year.

Additionally, registration of commercial establishments and trade names via e-services of the ministry’s official platform also surged by 25% during the same period, compared to 2023, he pointed out.

The ministry called on citizens to complete their transactions online via the designed website to complete commercial registration process, which would save their time and effort.

Source: Jordan News Agency

FM Condoles Kuwaiti Counterpart Over Mangaf Fire Victims

Amman: Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, Ayman Safadi, on Thursday extended Jordan’s condolences to Kuwait during a phone call with Kuwaiti Foreign Minister, Abdullah Al-Yahya, on Thursday.

The call came in response to a devastating fire that occurred in the Mangaf area on Wednesday, resulting in numerous casualties and injuries, according to a Foreign Ministry statement.

Safadi conveyed Jordan’s heartfelt solidarity with Kuwait during this challenging time.

Commending the “longstanding, historic” Jordanian-Kuwaiti relations, the two ministers underscored their commitment to strengthen bilateral ties, in accordance with the directives of His Majesty King Abdullah II and Sheikh Mishal Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah.

Source: Jordan News Agency