Political Editor Re-Opening Of Coastal Highway Signals National Recovery And Redemption Of Libyan Spirit.

Tripoli, Following years of conflict and divisions that had pinned Libyans to fight one another, had regions sealed off, roads blocked and communities displaced, with dire consequences on families and national fiber, Libyans were delighted to finally hear an announcement from the Presidency Council and the Government of National Unity that the coastal highway, linking west of the country to the east, has been reopened.

The Political Editor of Lana news agency has commented on the news by saying ‘in a move of a national and humanitarian dimensions, the Head of the Government of National Unity personally took part on June 20th, in the removal of the blockage on the coastal highway Sirte-Misrata. The event was a message to Libyans and the outside world that the Government of National Unity was committed to the restoration of security and stability to the country, and a signal of national recovery and redemption of the Libyan spirit, yet it also reflected the Government positive role in shoring up the national fiber, combating dissension and restoring the unity of the country.

The Editor valued remarks by the Head of the Government of National Unity in which he invited the public to ‘put the years of suffering, hate and divisions behind them, and to move on, to build the united prosperous and stable Libya.’

The Editor said the move by the Head of the Government regarding the re-opening of the highway was in line with the Government’s policy of commitment to alleviate the suffering of the citizens, and a milestone in the struggle to re-assert the power of state institutions and that Libya’s goal for future is reconstruction and stability.

The Editor concluded by saying Time will tell that the will of the Libyan people for rebuilding their united country was stronger than the machinations of the enemies and foreign agenda.


Source: Libyan News Agency

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