Preparations Underway for International Mediterranean Conference on Sustainable Development.


Tripoli, The International Mediterranean Conference on Sustainable Development is taking place from 1-3 November 2021, with participation of experts and specialists in sustainable development from Mediterranean countries.

The conference is expected to discuss importance of partnership between private and public sectors, to achieve the goals of sustainable development 2030, which aims to curb hunger and poverty and help nations create the right conditions to improve quality of life for their peoples.

According to organizers from the universities of Sebha and Al Munstir, the conference will also discuss transition to digital technology and introduction of data and telecommunication systems, and contribution of the private sector to the promoting of business sponsorships, and innovations as part of achieving sustainable development, and to lay the foundation of partnership and integration between public and private sectors, to achieve sustainable development, with an emphasis on green technologies.

The conference will discuss 6 axes, the first on private sector and sustainable development, the second on dimensions of sustainable development, the third on private sector and investment in information networks and communications, the fourth on applicable mechanisms of enhancing inter-trade, while the fifth deals with legislative reform and the sixth on investment by the private sector on green energy.’

The conference offers a chance to pinpoint the identity of the Libyan economy, to compare it with other developing and advanced countries’ economies.


Source: Libyan News Agency

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