President Aoun assures the Lebanese that economic situation will improve

“Coexistence [in the mountain] will remain and the economic situation will improve through bold decisions,” President Michel Aoun said Saturday morning before a delegation of mayors and residents of the Chouf villages, headed by MP Farid Boustani.

Aoun, who also met with a delegation from the Mountain headed by “Strong Republic” Parliamentary Bloc Member, MP George Adwan, confirmed that “the current economic crisis is the result of many years of accumulation, not a year or two,” adding that he will work to achieve an economic vision that will strengthen the production sectors.

In this context, Aoun disclosed that Lebanon will extract oil and gas at a date set for later this year, that will give a big boost to Lebanon’s economy in the coming years.

Finally, the President stressed the importance of maintaining reconciliation in the mountain, which should not be affected by different political views.

Source: National News Agency

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