Promoting self-employment among Omani students

By: Hasan Kamoonpuri

MUSCAT: The Entrepreneur Club at Modern College of Business and Science is all set to host the first of its kind forum titled “Tatalu3at”, which means “Aspirations” on Tuesday, April 14.

The forum, which takes place from 9 am to 5 pm, will host some famous Omani entrepreneurs as guest speakers.

The aim of the event is to inspire and motivate students and to share the know-how and real life challenges of being entrepreneur with them, Abeer al Balushi, lecturer MCBS, told the Observer.

The event will be held under the auspices of Al Shaima bint Ali bin Ibrahim bin Shonoon al Raisi, a member of the Municipal Council and the owner of Edible Arrangements. Shaima made history by being elected to the first-ever 192-member Municipal Council of Oman in 2012.

Tatalu3at will include many surprises and workshops for both males and females. Tatalu3at aims to cover all the needs of aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start their own businesses.

The MCBS Entrepreneur Club tries to open the door of creativity and imagination by arranging workshops and events so that the students are able to think outside the box.

Tatalu3at offers the chance to meet some famous entrepreneurs such as Alaa al Siyabi, one of the famous Omani designers who will participate in the event. She will share her experiences with the students who want to be fashion designers.

Sami al Zadjali, owner of Razza fashion, will share his experience on how he started his fashion line in Oman and became popular. Many students want to follow in his steps to start similar business with a different touch. Fatma al Ajmi, one of the creative minds in Oman who started her own business as a photographer, will also share her experiences on entrepreneurship with the audience.

There is much more in store for the attendees of Tatalu3at. It is a public event to motivate, and inspire the youths to think of entrepreneurship as an option, Abeer added.

The college feels fostering entrepreneurial mind-sets through seminars and workshops in addition to education and training delivers a positive message to Omani youths. The capacity of an economy to successfully compete and grow depends on encouraging start-ups and helping aspiring entrepreneurs to go in for self-employment. MCBS is focusing on unlocking the entrepreneurial potential of it students through such events.

The purpose of Tatalu3at is to connect entrepreneurs and students to unleash innovative ideas and allow the students to ask questions and interact with established SME owners.

The event will also encourage Omani entrepreneurs to become more visible in the students communities and provide the students with the opportunity to network and learn from successful entrepreneurs.


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