Protests Continue In Lebanon To Demand New Ruling Class

BEIRUT, Protesters across Lebanon took to the streets for the 15th day, to voice their demands, Al Jadeed TV channel reported.

Protesters blocked roads, while the Lebanese army intervened, in some cases, by opening the roads.

Most of the people asked for a government of experts capable of dealing with worsening economic situation.

People also voiced their opposition to the sectarian system in Lebanon. We want to live together in peace and with dignity, one protester said.

Today we are all demonstrating against the political class, whether we are Muslims, Christians or Druze.

A young protester said, he graduated from university but couldn’t find a job because he does not belong to any political party.

The 14-day protest has forced the Lebanese government to resign.

President Michel Aoun is supposed to start negotiations with lawmakers in a few days, to name a Prime Minister for the new Lebanese government.

Source: NAM News Network

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