NNA – In an issued statement by the Progressive Socialist Party on Saturday, it considered that crises are almost racing over the shoulders of citizens to the extent that they are losing their elements of steadfastness, amidst the fatal mismanagement that controls the policies of those concerned with the people’s livelihood, and the official abandonment of the humanitarian, national and legal responsibility of those who are in decision-making positions in the government, specifically in the relevant ministries.

“What is happening in the bread loaf dossier and the issue of confused pricing and the failure to distribute bread by bakeries, coupled with the lack of fuel to distributors and citizens alike, and the queues lining-up in front of bakeries and gas stations, is a matter that can no longer go on in silence because of the deliberate intent to humiliate people,” the statement said.

The Party denounced such a prevailing situation when solutions are actually available, “first by approving the immediate rationalization of subsidies without delay, and organizing effective control over the entire consumer market, regardless of its human and logistical resources costs, as there is no importance that outweighs the citizen’s livelihood,” it asserted.

The statement added that this essential step ought to be accompanied by an immediate implementation of the supply card project, while the Lebanese await the clouds of obstruction and procrastination to be dissolved in the government formation dossier, which constitutes the actual prelude for a reform path that would stop the country’s further decline and collapse.

The PSP Party concluded its statement by urging the Ministry of Economy and all other relevant ministries to assume their responsibilities in protecting the people’s livelihood and sustenance, regardless of the cost; otherwise, there will be a total explosion.



Source: National News Agency-Lebanon

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