In remembrance of its fallen Martyr Anwar al-Fatayri, the Progressive Socialist Party issued a statement on Saturday recalling his national role and sacrifices, while pledging to pursue all possible efforts for achieving a civil political system in the country.

During these difficult times filled with crises at all levels, we recall, on the anniversary of the assassination of Martyr Anwar al-Fatayri, his leading role in raising the torch of social, economic and daily living demands.Such stringent conditions which are back today to restrict the lives of people, in light of the ruling team’s hitting of all chances of rescue by insisting on the same wrong management in waste files and in undermining the essential sectors, the Party statement indicated.

PSP vowed to remain biased towards people’s issues and youth concerns and aspirations, and towards national unity and coexistence, always seeking to rise above the limitations of the current system to establish a civil political system that respects the rights of citizens in a clear framework of equality and social justice.

Source: National News Agency

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