Qianze “BDAI Seminar” successfully held at Sun Yat-sen University

Press Release

GUANGZHOU, China, July 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — 13 July Guangzhou, Qianze Asset Management Limited, a Chinese investment firm specializing in artificial intelligence (AI) based trading strategies held its inaugural BDAI seminar at the Sun Yat-Sen University last Saturday. The seminar, which was aimed at educating the public on AI technology and its applications in financial technology, attracted more than 150 interested participants, including the general public and students. The seminar was conducted by AI expert, Wu Yufeng of Jinan University, who has more than 15 years of experience in research and development in the field of AI.

Qianze BDAI Seminar Successfully Held at Sun Yat-Sen University (Front Row From Left: Professor Wu Yufeng, Qianze Executive Director Blake Yeung)

The seminar covered the history of AI development and various initiatives of different countries around the world, as well as introducing and analyzing the present and future prospects of Big Data, Knowledge-based Computing and Artificial Intelligence. In recent years, the development of artificial intelligence has proliferated tremendously, with technologies such as unmanned vehicles, aircrafts and vessels rapidly entering various stages of practical implementation. Artificial intelligence, driven by big data brings hope for complex man-machine game. Professor Wu Yufeng pointed out the current challenges and opportunities of AI, and expounded the driving force of its development.

Qianze Asset’s Managing Director Blake Yeung was also in attendance at the seminar. He explains, “Qianze hopes to educate more students and the general public so as to raise public awareness of artificial intelligence technologies and its applications in financial investments, through conducting more sessions like this. The aim is to nurture and develop the next generation of AI talents, and to bring China’s AI technology to the next level.”

He added, “The significance of this (seminar) cannot be underestimated. We are deeply heartened by the response from the participants and now look forward to similar success internationally, beginning from Korea early next Wednesday where Qianze is participating in an international AI exhibition to showcase its technology.”

Photo – https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/949719/Qianze_BDAI_Seminar_Held_at_Sun_Yat_Sen_University.jpg