Raad says they are no longer concerned who is named PM, but rather how responsive programs are to America’s will

“Loyalty to the Resistance” Parliamentary Bloc Head, MP Mohamad Raad, considered during a political meeting in Haret Saida today that “Lebanon needs to review its policies.”

He added: “It is not important whether the government is political or technocrat, because in this country no side can rule on its own. We no longer care about who is named as prime minister, for the important thing is that we see the programs, and to what extent an official responds to the American will or not.”

“We are keen on maintaining the positions of strength in our country, and the resistance and our unity are among these pillars,” he said.

“Lebanon has refused to give up a single inch of its soil and water, and we are paying the price of revenge by the United States of America, which is pressuring Europe and the Gulf states, and asking them not to reach out to help Lebanon, which is deprived of aids,” Raad explained.

“Accordingly, the American wants any future government in Lebanon to comply with its conditions, including cutting our relationship with those who help us to resist the Israeli enemy and defend ourselves,” he added, pointing to America’s prohibition against establishing a relationship with Iran.

“One of the American conditions is the demarcation of maritime borders in Lebanon as per Israel’s interests. Let no one believe that the economic crisis is far from our conflict with the Israeli enemy…for the Israelis have sought America’s help to exert pressure on our economic situation,” Raad underlined.

However, he indicated that these pressures do not entail the resistance environment alone, but rather all of Lebanon. Raad criticized herein officials for not establishing productive industrial and agricultural sectors in the country and relying solely on aids and donations from abroad.

He concluded by confirming the resistance’s full maturity, readiness and willingness to confront the Israeli enemy, stressing that no one can twist the resistance’s arm.”

Source: National News Agency

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