Raad: We are open to positive dialogues, everyone is concerned about finding a solution that would help Lebanon overcome its economic crisis

“The country’s economic situation is difficult, but solutions are not impossible and require a national will and understanding to limit the money waste, end corruption and control spending,” said Loyalty to the Resistance Parliamentary Bloc Chief, MP Mohamad Raad, on Sunday.

He expressed “openness to positive dialogues among various state components,” deeming all sides “concerned about reaching a national solution that would help Lebanon out of its suffocating economic crisis.”

Raad’s words came during his patronage of a restaurant opening in the Southern town of Mlita in Nabatieh earlier today.

“This crisis needs an adequate solution that is in line with the prevailing situation, and with the status of all segments that are reaching out to support and develop this country,” he asserted.

“We trust that Lebanon can protect its sovereignty through its people, army and resistance. We are confident that the equation adopted by Lebanon will ensure security and stability and deter the enemy from thinking about any aggression against Lebanon,” the MP emphasized.

“Lebanon’s officials are proud that, despite all the shaking regional circumstances, they were able to safeguard the country, thanks to their cooperation and national consciousness and to adhering to the Lebanon’s defense equation, which involves the cherished efforts by the Lebanese army and the resistance and the popular embrace of both the army and resistance,” Raad concluded.

Source: National News Agency

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