Raad: We want financial stability and sovereignty of financial institutions

Head of Loyalty to the Resistance Bloc, MP Mohammad Raad, said on Monday during a funeral ceremony in Machghara that his team wants banking and financial stability for the country, but it also wants the government and its financial institutions to practice sovereignty.

Hailing the resistance of Hezbollah as the only hope for Lebanon, Raad accused the rival political team of following foreign orders by supporting US financial sanctions against Hezbollah.

A slave who persists in his dependency, humiliation and indignity can never act as a master the formula that must be adopted is a balance between preserving Lebanon’s financial sovereignty and preserving general stability at the level of institutions.

Raad went on to accuse the same rival team of hindering presidential elections, in abiding by a foreign veto on certain presidential candidates.

This hindering [of elections] will continue until the veto is broken, and we break those followers out of their cages and dependency on the foreign element.

The MP cautioned those who want to carry out financial revisions that their path would only lead to strife and national crises.

Source: National News Agency

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