Rahi arrives at Antonine Institute after stop over at Baabda Square

Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Bechara Boutros Rahi arrived a while ago in the town of Baabda in southern Metn, accompanied by a number of bishops, whereby he was greeted by Municipality head, Antoine Elias Helo, Antonine Institute Head, Father George Sadaqa, and crowds of locals and dignitaries.

In his delivered word, Patriarch Rahi said that he was glad to be meeting with the sons of the town, saying his visit coincides with the conclusion of the meeting by the Holy Synod and the sports week at Bkirki.

The Patriarch stressed the dire need to assist the Lebanese people endure the current difficult circumstances and to live in happiness and tranquility.

Rahi also drew similarity between Lebanon and a sick patient whom we should not relinquish and stay by its side till recovering its health.

“Lebanon has a role and message to undertake,” Rahi said.

The Patriarch and his accompanied delegation then moved to the Antonine Institute Monastery, whereby he was welcomed by local political, social, cultural and religious dignitaries, in addition to a crowd of the devout.

Source: National News Agency

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