Rahi from Brussels: For peaceful solutions to wars

Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Bechara Boutros Rahi arrived on Tuesday in Brussels via Paris, on a two-day visit at the invitation of the European Union.

Patriarch Rahi opened up his visit by having audience with Belgian King Louis Philippe, where they held a tour d’horizon over current developments in the region and the situation of the Lebanese community in Belgium.

In his delivered sermon, Rahi categorically deplored the terrorist attacks on Brussels, expressing his deep condolences on the fallen innocent victims.

The Patriarch renewed call on the international community to find peaceful solutions to the existing wars and the prevalence of peace, in addition to the return of all the displaced people who forcibly had to leave their lands.

Rahi tackled in his sermon the current situation in Lebanon and the repercussions of the regional situation on it, notably in terms of the impact of refugees politically, economically and security wise.

He also called on the Lebanese officials to swiftly elect a new president of the republic, so that Lebanon would regain its pioneering role in the world.

Rahi met with the Lebanese community members in the wake of his delivered sermon.

The Patriarch is due to visit tomorrow the European Parliament’s headquarters, where he will meet with European Parliament’s President and lawmakers, and deliver a lecture on the current situation of Christians in the Middle East.

Source: National News Agency

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