Rahi from Brussles tackles consequences of Middle East conflict on Christians

Maronite Patriarch, Mar Bechara Boutros Rahi delivered a lecture at a conference at the European Parliament headquarters in Brussels on the consequences of the Middle East conflict on Christians and their future.

Rahi particularly emphasized the danger of the rise of Islamic fundamentalism and the growth of terrorist organizations on Muslim moderation to which Christians are guarantors.

He then stressed the importance of the Christian presence in the Muslim world, insisting that “wars stop, political solutions are found and all Palestinian, Iraqi and Syrian refugees return to their own countries.”

“We must not allow this land to be seized by fundamentalists and terrorist organizations. This would threaten world peace,” he stressed, appealing to the European Community to exert pressure on members of the Security Council in this regard.

The Patriarch has further discussed the situation in Lebanon “that falters under the weight of the displaced,” noting that the country of the Cedar is suffering the impact of the Iranian-Saudi conflict, which is, according to him, the origin of conflicts that shake the region.

Rahi called, in conclusion, to prevent any solution for the region based on division “while the world is moving towards globalization.”

Source: National News Agency

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