Rahi says Mountain Reconciliation is a treasure above all considerations, and we must work to consolidate its pillars

Maronite Patriarch, Cardinal Bechara Boutros al-Rahi, stressed Sunday on the need to safeguard and preserve the Lebanese Mountain Reconciliation, deeming it a “treasure and above all other considerations,” emphasizing that efforts must be focused on strengthening and boosting its pillar foundations.

“The safety of the nation is the safety of the mountain, and we must work together to consolidate the pillars of reconciliation, both politically and realistically, and to create jobs for all citizens to restore coexistence,” said al-Rahi.

Addressing believers during Sunday Mass held in the summer patriarchal edifice in al-Diman this morning, al-Rahi urged officials to cease all acts that only lead to the destruction of the state and oppression of the peaceful and loving people.

“Political officials have a primary role in building the unity of the Lebanese and strengthening their ties,” he said.

Al-Rahi called on politicians to adopt a political speech that combines and does not discriminate nor divide, one that aids the country to move forward and not backwards and helps to build the state instead of destroying it.

“We have announced yesterday the joyous news, which is the declaration of His Holiness Pope Francis to honor the late Patriarch Elias Hoayek, who lived the Christian, divine and human virtues…and we pray that we may receive the grace of his intercession and that the Lord will reveal his sacredness,” al-Rahi went on.

He recalled the late Patriarch Hoayek’s long years of struggle for the sake of declaring the state of “Greater Lebanon” in 1920, restoring all lands and valleys that were expropriated by the Ottoman rule back then.

“We are still living today, unfortunately, political tension due to the incident of Qabrshmoun…which has disrupted the Council of Ministers’ meeting, while the social, economic and financial conditions are worsening, debt is accumulating, the deficit is growing, the poverty of the people is deepening, schools are suffering, shops are closing…,” the Patriarch added regretfully. He deemed the country as resembling a “lost ship in the middle of the sea, abandoned to fate…”

Al-Rahi concluded by raising prayers to the Lord Almighty to bless this nation and help it through its difficulties and ensure its success in overcoming all crises and reaching its safety harbor.

Source: National News Agency

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