Residents urged to be watchful against viral fever

A change in weather pattern is a time of various sicknesses and sufficient precautionary and preventive measures are needed against these seasonal ailments which include viral fever which accompany the weather change, according to the Ministry of Health (MoH) official.

Sultanate has reported various cases of fever, cold, running nose that may invariably turn into pneumonia and more often than not, they can develop to be fatal. This has been aggravated by the recent sandstorms in the region that brought communicable diseases and small flies along with.

On an average day, each primary healthcare centre under the MoH is receiving between 15 to 20 cases of viral flu.

“This change in weather from winter to summer is a time that is described as a period of various seasonal sicknesses and substantaial care needs to be taken against such sicknesses”, says Dr Ahmed Said al Busaidi (pictured), Family and Community Medicine, MoH.

Speaking to the Observer on the sidelines of the two-day workshop on effective use of psychopharmacology for physicians at the Majan Continental Hotel yesterday, Dr Ahmed said that these sort of diseases are allergant which means those who are asthmatic or suffering from allergic rhinitis, irritation and swelling of the mucous membrane in the nose, can get their ailment worsened.

“In these cases, try to avoid going out mostly in the evenings with your children when such cases are reported and weather condition is not favourable. Another precautionary measure is the ceiling of the house which can help dust being gathered inside the house. Make sure your doors and windows are properly locked and foolproof as these minute particles of dust can enter your house through small cracks on them”.

When you suspect prevalence of such communicable disease in your house, take good rest, have plenty of liquids and take the patient to the nearby clinic or healthcare facility at the soonest.

“If the patient shows symptoms of severe fever and is prevalent even after taking paracetamol, and if the child refuses to have food or shows breathlessness, consider it as a red alert or alarm sign and depend upon the medical advice”.

Dr Ahmed further said that the small insects or flies that one may have observed prevalent around are those which dwell in stagnant water and ponds and with the wind, their habitat is shaken and are scattered everywhere.

“The MoH and the Muscat Municipality are working very hard to control them by spraying insecticides and other preventive chemical compounds. People should also avoid using such water and should alert the civic authorities about such water collections”, he added.


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