Returnees pledge to lead reconciliation in their home communities in Leer

The United Nations Mission in South Sudan has transported more than 20 displaced persons from its protection site in Wau to their homes in Leer, in the Unity region. The new arrivals, mostly women and children, are determined to make a positive mark.

We feel it is a good time for us to take the lead in reconciliation. We learned what is good and what is bad, so we must assist in uniting our communities now that we are back, said Nyabang Chuol Mabil, returning with her four children from the protection site where they have been staying since 2014.

On their arrival at the UN base in Leer, peacekeepers escorted the returnees to various nearby villages.

When the peace agreement was signed we were very excited, and now we decided to return back home, said Nyakiir Mawich, while praising the peacekeeping mission for having taken well care of her during her years in Wau.

John Gatjang Changath, an UNMISS representative, welcomed the returnees to Leer, saying that the peacekeepers and a cluster of humanitarian organizations will provide the services they will need to resume their lives on home turf before the rainy season begins.

We are also urging the authorities to provide security to everyone who comes back to the region, Mr. Changath stressed.

Source: UN Mission in South Sudan

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