Rifi: Lebanese must trust State institutions’ response to terrorism

Resigned Minister of Justice, Ashraf Rifi, said Lebanese political leaders have proved to be not up to the responsibility.

“We are looking for a new political class,” he said during an interview with Tele Liban.

Rifi stressed that the “Syrian volcano still casts its lava on Lebanon”, calling on the Lebanese to trust the army and the state’s response to terrorism.

He therefore stressed that the people of Qaa had the right to defend themselves, noting that their primary reaction was justified.

“We must control the borders,” he added, calling on Hezbollah to return to Lebanon as soon as possible.

Rifi has also ruled out a security explosion, saying an international decision has been made in this regard.

The minister also stressed the need to elect a president in the shortest possible time, blaming Iran for the delay.

Rifi accused the security services of Hezbollah of the assassination of martyr Wissam el Hassan and former PM Rafik Hariri.

“We have evidence of that,” he reported.

“The leaders of March 14 were murdered by an Iranian-Syrian ruling and a Hezbollah execution.”

Rifi opposed the holding of the dialogue table, stressing the need to respect the constitution.

He also denied the presence of mediation with former PM Saad Hariri, noting that the candidacy of MP Sleiman Frangieh for president was the only point of divergence.

“Neither Aoun nor Frangieh will become president,” he added, noting that MP Michel Aoun was not actually the Hezbollah candidate but rather a blockage tool.

He also said that the Future Movement was gradually losing its representation in Tripoli.

Source: National News Agency

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