Rifi meets with Sabhan: We both agree on the need for a flourishing rise in the country while preserving its Arab identity

Outgoing Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi met Saturday evening with Saudi State Minister for Arab Gulf Affairs, Thamer Al Sabhan, accompanied by Saudi Charge d’Affaires, Abdallah Al Bukhari.

Following the encounter, Rifi said “the visit comes to reaffirm the Saudi Kingdom’s nearness to Lebanon and its continuously growing concern for the course of things in the country, and to stress that the Lebanese dossier is at the heart of Saudi Arabia’s care and attention.”

“The Saudi Kingdom is very keen on Lebanon’s stability, security and prosperity,” Rifi went on.

He added: “We are both in agreement on the need for a flourishing rise in Lebanon while preserving its Arab identity.”

Source: National News Agency

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