Rifi pushes for presidential elections

Justice Minister, Ashraf Rifi on Tuesday stressed the need “to elect a president in a bid to revive constitutional institutions”.

The minister called for the annulment of the dialogue table, the bilateral dialogue between Hezbollah and Future bloc, and to leave politics to the institutions.

Rifi confirmed that he was against the nomination of MPs Michel Aoun and Sleiman Franjieh to the presidency post.

“The Iranian decision is hindering the presidential elections. Lebanon and the Shiites in Lebanon are a bargaining chip in the hand of Iran in negotiations and will hand it to the coming US administration,” Rifi told the Arab Economic News.

He ruled out the election of a president in Lebanon before the US presidential elections.

The minister confirmed that the dialogue table was a waste of time.

“Lebanon is passing through a procrastination stage,” he asserted.

On another note, Rifi reassured the Lebanese that “the situation in Lebanon is acceptable. We have a local-regional-international decision not to blow up the situation”.

Rifi refused to hold the parliamentary polls based on the proportionality law in light of the existence of illegal arms, supporting any other law to hold the elections, expecting to be held on time.

On the other hand, the minister touched on the Syrian refugee crisis in Lebanon, “it is impossible to naturalize them in Lebanon as the Constitution rebuffs such act,” hoping that the military operations would be halted in Syria.

He blamed the international community for the failure to aid Lebanon for many reasons, most notably the absence of a president and the insufficient Lebanese pressure.

Source: National News Agency

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