Rifi: Verdun explosion shall backfire against Hezbollah

Resigned Justice Minister, Ashraf Rifi, said on Wednesday that his primary analysis of Verdun explosion is that Hezbollah is behind the blast that targetted BLOM Bank’s headquarters in the area.

“However, we await the outcome of investigations to find out who actually did the crime,” Rifi told “Free Lebanon” radio station.

“All the crimes have been exposed thus far, especially those involving March 14 leaders,” Rifi added, pointing to a high capability of unearthing the identity of perpetrators.

The resigned Minister said that Verdun explosion will most probably backfire against Hezbollah just the way May 7 incident did.

“There’s an international system that’s being controlled by the U.S., and any attempt by Lebanon to steer clear from this system will make us pay a dear price. We cannot expose Lebanon’s monetary stability to any sort of danger. I hope Hezbollah will follow the footsteps of Iran dealing with U.S. sanctions,” Rifi added.

On another level, Rifi went on to refuse March 8 presidential candidate, cleaving to his nomination of Lebanese Forces leader, Samir Geagea, for the presidency.

“Geagea is a permanent and strategic partner. Any citizen who believes in sovereignty and in restricting weapons ownership to the Lebanese state is my partner,” he added.

Touching on Future Movement leader, Saad Hariri’s nomination of Marada Movement leader Sleiman Frangieh for the presidency, Rifi said, “Had Hariri not nominated Frangieh, things would have been different.”

He finally called on the Future Movement for a conference to “salvage the situation hand-in-hand.”



Source: National News Agency

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