Rifi: We will resist Iran’s attempt to control Lebanon

Resigned Justice Minister, Ashraf Rifi, said on Thursday that Hezbollah Secretary General, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, was a political tool to implement Iran’s expansion policy in the Arab world.

“Saudi Arabia’s support to legitimacy in Yemen and its support to the Syrian people, in the face of the

Iranian occupation, are the least expected steps to preserve the Arab world,” Rifi said in an interviewee accorded to the Kuwaiti Al-Rai newspaper.

“Everybody in the Arab and Islamic world is now aware the Nasrallah, Assad, and Houthis are all Iranian proxies that are being used to penetrate the Arab world and disintegrate its countries by means of flaring sectarian wars and inciting a language of blood, violence, and coups,” Rifi added.

As for the recent Iranian officials’ visit to Lebanon, and their confirmation that Iran would never meddle into Lebanese affairs, Rifi said, “Iran deals with Lebanon as a state that has succumbed to the ‘Fakih state’. The Iranian officials’ visits to Lebanon falls within this framework.”

“Iran deludes itself that Nasrallah has become the guide of the Lebanese Republic, but we tell it it’s utterly mistaken,” Rifi added, pledging failing Iranian attempts to control Lebanon.

Source: National News Agency

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