RO 1 billion for new power plants in Oman

MUSCAT: The electricity sector has continued its projects and introduced new investments to meet the anticipated annual increase in power consumption due to industrial and construction boom. The annual growth in electricity consumption has reached 12 per cent, owing to growing demand from residential, industrial and commercial sectors.

Prior to 1970 the overall electricity generation capacity was barely 2 megawatt, but now it has jumped significantly to exceed 5,200 megawatt covering all the governorates through the electricity generation plants mainly powered by steam and natural gas, while the use of fuel for electricity generation is on its way to be jettisoned in the near future.

As per the sustainable development plan and the electricity sector strategy it has been decided to pump around RO 1 billion for the construction of new electricity generation plants throughout the strategy until 2030.

Moreover, currently the work is under way for the implementation of one of the biggest electricity generation projects from renewable energy resources in partnership with Qatar in Dhofar Governorate.

The Rural Areas Electricity Company has succeeded in covering 98 per cent of the zone which falls under its concession area, and it is currently executing a 120-megawatt electricity generation plant at a cost of RO 60 million in the Wilayat of Khasab.

A futuristic study conducted by the main electricity company has showed that it is targeting to reach production of 16,000 megawatt by 2030 instead of the 5,200 megawatt currently being generated.


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