ROHM is ‘one of a kind’

By Muna al Shanfari

Oman is an ancient civilisation where traditional music emerged and grew with the start of social activity, and these traditional arts and the love for music were inherited through generations which enriched the heritage of the country and gave it a uniqueness in its identity in the arts. Omanis love their culture and arts as it is part of their lives. On all happy occasions people of Oman enjoy music and traditional dances to express their joy.

As a son of this traditional heritage His Majesty Sultan Qaboos grew with the love of his society’s arts and music. With the point of view that all kind of arts are considered to be a valuable part of any nation’s history and civilisation His Majesty paid great attention to maintain and develop this heritage so it can meet the modern society to preserve it alive among the new generations and around the world.

As a result, the Royal Oman Symphony Orchestra (ROSO) was born which had a great impact on developing the Omani traditional music as it combined international classical music with the Omani traditional music.

The ROSO performers are young Omanis who were trained in the most prestigious international musical institutes around the world, with the goal that Omanis themselves have to accommodate their culture to the modern world and protect it from fading away. After His Majesty laid the founding stone of modern arts in Oman and implemented the taste of it among Omanis the final step was necessary, this step was the establishment of the “Royal Opera House”.

The “Royal Opera House” is a pioneer project of its kind in the 302676Gulf region; it aims to combine traditional music with classical music. The Royal Opera House was the first opera house in the world which is equipped with Radio Marconi’s, multimedia interactive display seatback system and Mode23.

Today the Royal Opera House Muscat is considered as one of the most beautiful and valuable attractions in the Sultanate for Omanis and tourists due to its magnificent architecture and its unique programmes which are highly structured to combine between the wealth of Omani heritage and the most famous international musicians and artists.

One of the most memorable events which the Royal Opera House held was the recent event — the celebration of His Majesty’s safe return to his homeland after his medical treatment. The programme of this event continued for seven days, starting from noon until midnight.

It was one of a kind event where the latest techniques and sophisticated equipment were used, enhanced by the well of the management to generate the best programme for the special occasion regardless of the short time they had.

The celebration was held in front of the Royal Opera House square. The programme was open to the public to give everyone in Oman a chance to enjoy and celebrate this very special occasion. Many different shows were preformed in this event. There were wonderful different parades each day during the week such as: Air Force, Navy, Royal Guard, Affairs of Royal Court and the Royal Oman Police.

Finally, all these different parades performances were gathered on the last day of the event combined with high resolution of touching presentations about His Majesty’s achievements since he ascended the throne.


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