Rouhani, on “Trump’s End” Day, calls on Biden to return to the nuclear deal

Baghdad  Iranian President Hassan Rouhani considered that today is “the end of the outgoing US President, Donald Trump, the tyrant,” hoping for the elected US President, Joe Biden, to return to the nuclear deal.

Rouhani said, “Today is the end of Trump, the tyrant, the oppressor, and his sinister administration,” noting that “Trump was a foolish economic terrorist, and today is the last day of his political life.”

In the context of talking about the new US administration and its future dealings with the Iranian nuclear deal, Rouhani indicated that Tehran “hopes whoever will take power in the White House will return to law and international obligations,” stressing that “if the Biden administration proves credibility in returning to its commitments, it will meet positive response from Iran. ”

The Iranian president added, “we hope the Biden administration will return to Resolution 2231 of the nuclear agreement.”

Rouhani called, the new US president, to return to the nuclear deal, the law and obligations, and work to “erase the traces of the Trump administration,” noting that Iran “will follow a step-by-step policy, a statement in exchange for a statement, and the implementation of measures in exchange for the implementation of measures.”

Rouhani also pointed out that “on the day of the new American president’s inauguration, he turned Washington into a military base,” explaining that this matter “is a result of Trump’s actions.”

He continued that Trump died, and his political life ended, but the nuclear agreement remained alive and he did not succeed in eliminating it. ”


Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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