Due to the fact that the fields of Oil and Gas have recently witnessed a wider spread in Lebanon, and given the high expectations for an increase in demand on professional welding workers, Mohammad Safadi, founder of Safadi Foundation, launched a TWI Accredited Welding Training Centre, located at the Safadi Accelerated Vocational Training Center (SAVOTEC) in Tripoli. The first-of-its-kind in Lebanon, this centre has the ability to train and graduate up to 200 welders annually, using the latest welding equipment and technologies, through high-level professional trainers from Safadi Foundation accredited by TWI.

During the launching ceremony, which took place at SAVOTEC in the presence of a number of representatives of international organizations and local syndicates, and senior contractors from the north region and all Lebanon, Mohammad Safadi noted that this centre was launched during a hard time for both Lebanon and its youth. It was established with the goal to empower the youth in the north region in general and Tripoli’s specifically, and to assist them in accomplishing their dreams, and to meet their aspirations.

Tripoli is in need of several vital projects to be implemented in order to provide job opportunities for the youth, added Safadi. Among these projects would be restoring and developing the railway, which would encourage the utilization of Tripoli’s port, and stimulate the trade industry. Another project would be to create an offshore platform in the north region to explore, extract, store, and process petroleum and natural gas, so that they can later be distributed through pipes, feeding factories with energy and electricity. This project in particular can create more than 10,000 job opportunities, and reduce the cost of electricity production by 40%, he continued.

Safadi also noted that he considered the most important project to be the comprehensive research-based development initiative conducted by the Foundation, which seeks to restore Tripoli as a multicultural urban center for knowledge, commerce and trade. This initiative was based on the findings of the Socio-Economic Participatory Study of the Old City of Tripoli (OCT) published in May of 2017, during a conference held at the Grand Serail under the auspices of former PM Saad Hariri. 21 projects were developed afterwards, with the aim of social and economic revitalization. However, with the limited support received from the Government, only SAVOTEC’s establishment could be implemented.

With reference to the TWI Accredited Welding Training Centre in the field of Oil and Gas, which was launched that day, Safadi stressed that it was developed to suit the labor market needs, and to enhance the role of the Lebanese workforce in the fields of Oil and Gas, especially that an advanced technology has been introduced in training, through simulators. He concluded by observing that the certificate issued by TWI is an internationally accredited certificate, enabling graduates to work both inside and outside Lebanon.

The General Manager of Safadi Foundation, Mrs. Samar Boulos indicated that this initiative aims to find a solution that would help face the encounters that have fallen upon Lebanon and its citizens; and to address the urgent challenge of unemployment, which is prevalent in Lebanon, and has drastic repercussions on the social and economic sectors. Boulos also said that it’s worth mentioning the importance of this newly-launched centre, as well as the significance of the international accreditation that Safadi Foundation sought to obtain from TWI, while the Foundation was keen to meet all the conditions and standards to build such a center, from equipment to trainers.

Mr. Ernesto Moskini, Regional Manager of TWI in South-East Asia, concluding the ceremony, remarked that the center was built in a significantly short period of time, and being the best center in the region, it would make this an amazing achievement for Safadi Foundation, which deserves an international recognition. He added that discussions are underway to extend the scope of work, and welding is only the starting point of collaboration between TWI and the Foundation.

Source: National News Agency

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