Safadi hopes responsible for Blom Bank explosion external party

MP Mohammad Safadi said on Tuesday that the attack on Blom Bank aims at damaging the banking sector on which Lebanon had been depending since the middle of last century until today, hoping that those who stand behind the explosion belong to an external party.

His words came during an Iftar organized for journalists in the North and Tripoli whereby he said that the banking sector was the main financial support for the Lebanese state.

“No one should ever forget that there is an enemy seeking always to cause us harm, and that enemy is called Israel,” Safadi pointed out, calling for a unified stance against Israel.

“Saudi Arabia is the mother country of Lebanon, it provided a lot of support for the country; Iran did the same, but it does not mean that we should be contingent to either one of them. Thus, we, Lebanese people, are solely responsible for the decision of electing a President of the Republic,” the MP added.

In this regard, he called for a Sunnite-Maronite cohesion that would lead to the election of a President.

Safadi did not forget to congratulate the winners of Municipal elections, wishing all success to the region.

Source: National News Agency

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