Sail ship Tarangini hosts ‘Day at Sea’ at Salalah Port

By: Kaushalendra Singh

SALALAH: The crew of INS Tarangini hosted Omani dignitaries and members of the Indian community on Saturday at a function titled ‘Day at Sea’ on board. INS Tarangini, the sail training ship, called Port of Salalah on Thursday and is to leave for her next destination Jeddah on Sunday. The ‘Day at Sea’ event was presided over by J S Mukul, India’s Ambassador to Oman. Abdul Qadir Ahmed al Haddad, Vice-President of Dhofar Municipality, Ali Salim al Basrawi, Head of Public Authority for Consumer Protection in Dhofar, Naif Ahmed al Shanfai, Director of Vocational Training, Ministry of Manpower, and representatives from Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Salalah Free Zone and Port of Salalah were present

Commander Gaurav Gautam introduced the ship to the visitors and explained normal course of duty as well as challenges faced sometimes by the ship’s crew. The ship’s 40 regular crew and 30 training cadets showcased some drills off Salalah coast. The ships is powered most part of its journey by sails.

“Hence we are on guard 24-hours and keep on adjusting the sails as per the wind direction. We are equally equipped with the latest sailing technologies and equipment,” said Commander Gaurav.

The visitors praised the skills showcased by the crew and the cadets, particularly about their endurance and perfection and rhythm of work. “It is unique to see the discipline and team spirit among the crew members,” said one of the visitors.

The ship’s name Tarangini is derived from the Hindi word ‘Tarang’ meaning ‘waves’. Tarangini means ‘the one that rides the waves’, and she provides an ideal setting for first-hand experience of the natural elements for the young officers, instilling in them their ‘sea legs’.

Ambassador Mukul expressed happiness over the ship’s arrival in Salalah. “We are delighted that INS Tarangini has arrived at Port of Salalah. We are on board with our guests from Oman and India. We saw the spirit, morale and competitive team spirit among the crew members and the cadets. The way they navigate and the way they move reflect their courage, team spirit and high morale. I would like to thank the Omani authorities for their cooperation and wish the ship crew members success, as they have to cover many countries during this trip.”

Dhofar Municipality Vice-President Al Haddad was happy to be the part of the sea sortie. “It gave me an opportunity to witness the endurance of the people working in navy and their skills.”

INS Tarangini’s port call at Salalah is the first stop on an eight-month long voyage through the Gulf, Mediterranean and Europe to participate in prestigious tall ship races and other events organised under the aegis of Sail Training International. During this eight-month-long ‘Lokayan 15’, the ship will travel approximately 17,000 miles under sails and visit 17 ports in 14 countries as a goodwill ambassador of India.

This year’s tall ship races will be conducted primarily off the coast of United Kingdom, Norway, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands.

About 300 sail ships of various sizes from all over the world are expected to participate in this year’s events. INS Tarangini belongs to Class A sail ships, the largest of the sailing fleet.

During this long voyage, the Indian trainees would also get an opportunity to sail on foreign vessels.


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