Salah Al-Din Governor Announces Forming Specialized Forces Tasked To Hunt ISIS Gangs

Baghdad  Salah Al-Din Governor Ammar Jabr Khalil announced today, Sunday, forming specialized forces tasked with hunting ISIS gangs in the governorate.

The provincial media office said in a statement: “Khalil chaired a security conference to discuss the terrorist attacks on Makeshifa area, in which a number of the PMF fighters were killed and wounded.”

The statement added that “the governor listened to a full explanation of the security file throughout the province, provided by security leaders, and included the movements of ISIS terrorist gangs on the outskirts of the province and the soft areas.”

The statement pointed out that “during the conference, security and technical measures were taken to eliminate the presence of terrorist gangs, including the installation of advanced thermal cameras, in addition to forming forces equipped with the latest weapons to pursue the terrorist gangs.”

The governor stressed, according to the statement, the role of the citizen in providing the security apparatus with information about the presence of terrorist gangs, noting that “a meeting will be held with the elders of the province and the security services to unify visions in the field of eliminating terrorist groups.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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