Salam chairs security meeting at Grand Serail, calls for demonstrating vigilance

Prime Minister, Tammam Salam, chaired on Tuesday a security meeting at the Grand Serail, to take up the latest reports related to the terrorist attack that rattled the town of Qaa and the preliminary findings of investigations.

The meeting was attended by Deputy Prime Minister, National Defense Minister Samir Moqbel, Interior and Municipalities Minister Nuhad Mashnouq, and Army Commander General Jean Kahwaji.

Also attending were Public Security chief Abbas Ibrahim, Secretary General of the Supreme Defense Council Mohammed Khair, Internal Security Forces chief Ibrahim Basbous, and senior security officers.

Conferees listened to briefings on the measures carried out by the army and security forces in Qaa and its surroundings, as well as in the remaining Lebanese territories, whereby they adopted the appropriate decisions.

In a statement issued by the meeting, it said that the attack which targeted the town of Qaa constitutes a qualitative shift in the war waged by the obscurantist terrorist organizations against Lebanon, country and a people, and may usher in a new phase of a more aggressive confrontation with the obscurantist terrorism which is relentlessly seeking to actively harm Lebanon and drag it into the midst of chaos and ruin.

The statement added that the national responsibility entails to warn the Lebanese of alert of possible risks, without ruling out that such a terrorist crime in Qaa could be the beginning of a wave of terrorist attacks, in light of available information which the security authorities are relentlessly following up on and taking the proper action in this regard.

The meeting urged all the Lebanese to demonstrate utmost degrees of awareness and vigilance, beseeching all citizens to affirm their absolute belief in their nation and confidence in their army and security apparatuses.

The meeting also categorically emphasized that the terrorist attack that targeted Qaa should not be an excuse by the people for any form of unacceptable autonomous security, but should be impetus for all the Lebanese to adhere to the role of the legitimate forces which are solely entitled by the law to ensure their security and livelihoods.

The statement said that conferees kept their meetings open to follow up on any new eventuality, urging all media outlets to demonstrate accuracy in disseminating news, notably security information, so as to avoid falling unintentionally into the trap of providing services to terrorists.

Source: National News Agency

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