Salam urges vigilance in face of imminent danger

Prime Minister Tammam Salam followed up on the terrorist attack that shook Qaa village. He was briefed by ministers, security commanders and judicial figures on the latest investigations into the blasts.

Accordingly, Salam delivered a statement in which he condemned “the terrorist attack targeting Qaa village and resulting in the martyrdom of a number of innocent citizens and the injury of others.”

“The facts revealed by this crime, in terms of number of participants or method of implementation, show the nature of evil harbored for Lebanon and the size of the risks facing the country at this difficult stage both internally and regionally,” Salam said, stressing the importance of maintaining utmost vigilance and alert to nip these schemes in the bud.

“This terrorist operation proves that our stability is targeted by forces of darkness, and that the only way to protect it is by standing united behind our military institution and security forces in their battle against terrorism, and by promoting national unity and strengthening our internal political scene,” the PM said, uttering condolences to the families of martyrs and well-wishes to the injured.

Source: National News Agency

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