Salam welcomes British Ambassador: We must not give into what terrorists attempt to achieve

Prime Minister Tammam Salam welcomed on Wednesday at the Grand Serail the British Ambassador to Lebanon Hugo Shorter with discussions featuring high on the consequences of the U.K. referendum last week and current developments

Following the meeting, Shorter said “I have just met with Prime Minister Salam to brief him on the consequences of last week’s referendum in the UK, and to discuss current events.

Although leaving the EU is a fundamental change for the UK, all other fundamentals remain in place. By everybody’s figures, the UK’s is one of the world’s top half dozen economies. We remain one of five permanent members of the UN Security Council, and a member of the G7, G20 and NATO.

We are the only country in all of these groups which spends 2% of its GDP on defense and 0.7% on development assistance.

I assured Prime Minister Salam that the UK remains committed to Lebanon’s stability, security and prosperity.

Our efforts with our Lebanese partners continue – with the Lebanese Armed Forces, the Internal Security Forces, the Ministry of Education, the Central Bank, and many others. We stand by Lebanon’s side in confronting the scourge of terrorism, defending its borders, promoting jobs and livelihoods, expanding access to education and managing the impact of the Syrian civil war.

We also discussed the security situation in Lebanon. I offered my condolences to the PM, and utterly condemned the horrific attacks in the village of Al Qaa.

I want to express my admiration for the army and the security and emergency services which are doing such a fine job – at a hugely challenging time – protecting Lebanon. In responding to such despicable attacks, we must not give into what the terrorists are trying to achieve: spreading hatred and division. We must protect at all costs peaceful co-existence between people of different faiths.

In their response, I wish political leaders and local communities both courage and moderation in defending Lebanon. That means displaying those Lebanese qualities of co-existence and tolerance which have made Lebanon a model in this region.

Unity is the strongest response to those who seek to divide Lebanon.”

Separately, Salam welcomed the UAE Ambassador to Lebanon Mohammad SAid Al-Shamisi with talks reportedly featuring high on current situation and developments.

Salam also chaired a meeting with the Traffic Safety National Council to follow up on the council’s work.

Interior minister Nouhad Mashnouk, Public Works and Transportation minister Ghazi Zeaiter and the Council’s secretary attended the meeting.

The Prime Minister also welcomed Economy minister Alain Hakim.

Chatting with the Media persons, Hakim said “We neither resigned from the relation with the Premier nor from politics. We discussed current issues.”

Source: National News Agency

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