Salhab: Berri’s stance is national

“Change and Reform” bloc member, Deputy Salim Salhab said on Tuesday that “the position which was taken Monday by Speaker of the House Nabih Berri was national in which he threw the ball in the court of the parliamentary blocs”.

Berri said yesterday he will not call for a parliamentary session before discussions over a new electoral law are completed.

The MP stressed the need to enjoy good political intentions to agree on an electoral draft-law to be studied in the General Assembly.

On the other hand, the Deputy said that the proposal of electing Deputy Michel Aoun for two years was born an orphan.

“This makes us search for the goal of the proposal,” the MP told the “Voice of Lebanon” radio.

“Our bloc refuses the amendment of the constitution for the sake of a person,” the lawmaker asserted.

Source: National News Agency

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