Salhab: Change and Reform refuses extension of any military chief’s term

MP Salim Salhab confirmed that the Change and Reform bloc is intensifying contacts with all the heads of blocs to prepare for the national dialogue session, denying in an interview with the “Voice of Lebanon 93.3” radio station his knowledge of any prospective meeting between the Secretary General of Hezbollah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, and leader of the Marada movement, MP Sleiman Frangieh, to request the latter’s withdrawal from the presidential competition in favor of Aoun.

Tackling the dossier of extending the term of Army commander, General Jean Qahwaji, Salhab said his bloc rejected any extension for any military official, saying “when the time is right, we will take the necessary decision.”

“The option to resign from the government in the event of Qahwaji’s term’s extension has not been discussed within the bloc,” he explained.

Source: National News Agency

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