Sami Gemayel warns against massive environmental catastrophe

Kataeb party Chief MP Sami Gemayel warned on Thursday against a massive environmental catastrophe in Lebanon if the Cabinet decided not to review the recently-adopted “disastrous” trash plan.

Gemayel, speaking during a chat with a delegation of the Kataeb party’s Rural Environment and Development Department held at Kataeb central house in Saifi, explained that the plan would damage the Lebanese beach and nature.

“The Mafia that has been controlling the trash dossier for 20 years is still the same, and it is proposing solutions to collect more commissions and not to remove trash,” Gemayel said.

The MP said that they opted for the temporary solution to remove trash as quickly as possible and not put Lebanese citizens at health risks, “even though we had reservations on the plan.”

He reminded that Kataeb called for the decentralization of trash, and said that tenders should take place at the Tenders Department and not at the Development and Reconstruction Council.

“Media institutions and social media should shed light on the proposed dossiers and follow up on this affair until the end, to let concerned administrations and Ministers bear responsibility,” he concluded.

Source: National News Agency

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