RIYADH, Sudanese President Omer al-Bashir and his accompanying delegation met the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Prince Mohamed Bin Salman, here Thursday and discussed with him issues related to relations between the two countries and ways of boosting them in all fields.

State Minister and Director of the President’s Office Hatem Hassan Bakheet said in a statement after the meeting that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia pledged to implement an economic program to fundi productive projects in Sudan over five years.

This programme would be similar to its financing in Jordan for projects and cover the sectors of oil exploration and minerals, particularly gold, precious metals, agricultural and livestock production and infrastructures which would lead to economic stability through provision of new resources.

He said the two sides agreed that the relevant Sudanese Cabinet ministers will meet with their Saudi counterpart after Eid Al-Fitr festival to agree on projects which are urgently to be funded and the programing of the funding over the coming five years.

The Director of the President’s Offices stated that the meeting also discussed the speeding up of procedures for facilitation of the flow of bank transfers between the two countries and tightening the co-ordination between Sudan and Saudi Arabia on efforts to remove Sudan from a list of States sponsoring terrorism compiled by some countries in the West.

He added that the President commended Saudi Arabia for its efforts to support Sudan and pledged to provide a practical program on productive projects in various sectors.

The President’s delegation included the Director of National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS), Lieutenant-General Salah Abdalla, and State Minister and Director of the President’s Offices, Hatem Hassan Bakheet.

The president returened to Sudan later Thursday. While in Saudi Arabia, he had also performed the Umrah.

Source: Nam News Network

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