Second conference on Diaspora economy kicks off Berri: Lebanon will overcome economic crisis

House Speaker Nabih Berri assured this Thursday that Lebanon will overcome its economic crisis and the measures imposed on it thanks to its sons, residents and expatriates, “who are the country’s only hope.”

Berri encouraged revising laws that limit financial transfers, “while respecting the laws that should not differentiate between Lebanese and nationals of other countries.”

Berri’s made these remarks at the opening of the second conference on the economy of the Diaspora organized under his patronage by al-Iktissad wal Aamal Group, in cooperation with the Foreign Ministry, the Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture union, IDAL, the Association of Banks and the Association of Industrialists of Lebanon at the Movenpick hotel in Beirut.

According to him, Arabs owe Lebanon so much. “We do not ask for interest but for the money owed to us. Lebanon is still waiting for the money allocated to it at international conferences! We do not deny everything that our ‘brothers’ have brought us but our country has barely received one third of the promised amounts,” he stressed.

Politically, Berri hoped that the State institutions would play their legislative and executive roles again, and that the constitutional deadlines would be met, starting with the election of a president, reiterating his commitment to the Taif agreement and his call for its application.

Also, Berri called for the development of the Lebanese diplomatic commissions abroad and the creation of a “diplomatic institute” that would train future diplomats and improve their skills.

He also stressed the importance of achieving media programs that would allow expatriates to learn about their country of origin, calling upon the latter to “learn about the economic reality and the conditions of investment in Lebanon, but also to propose agreements that will achieve trade balance.”

Source: National News Agency

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