Security forces deny using ‘bullets to kill pigs’ against protesters

The General Directorate of the Internal Security Forces on Tuesday issued a statement denying claims that security men have been targeting protesters with rubber bullets that are usually used when hunting wild pigs or boars.

“Some social media sites have been transmitting an audio recording of a person alleging that the ISF has been using against protesters rubber bullets designed to hunt boars; however, it is important for the General Directorate of Internal Security Forces to clarify the fact that the bullets that the video is referring to are not used in Lebanon,” the statement said.

The statement explained further that the quality of the rubber bullets being used in Lebanon were also used in a number of developed countries, and could be shot against the most violent and dangerous rioters after several warnings.

“Orders are given to ISF members to fire rubber bullets exclusively at the legs, at a distance of about 10 meters. Yet, in some very few cases, rubber bullets were shot at a close range against people who were acting in extreme violence — as seen on various social media throwing “Molotov” bombs towards the security forces.

Source: National News Agency

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